The Microelectronics Foundation and IMAPS, the membership society that first started it nearly 20 years ago, are both organized as 501 c (3) entities. Beyond that similarity, everything the two organizations do enhances the customer experience.

IMAPS provides services to members and strives constantly to attract all who are employed or connected in any way to the microelectronics and microelectronic packaging industries. The Foundation covers a larger and different market, specifically, all industries who depend on innovation and microelectronics to remain competitive and attractive to their customer base.


In pursuit of our Vision and Mission, we commit to actively
  • Enhance and promote the value of microelectronics and microelectronic packaging.
  • Develop and maintain collaborative endeavors and relationships with those who support our mission.
  • Use innovative and dynamic approaches in the decision-making process.
  • Engage in evidence-based quality improvement for all products and services created in the name of microelectronics and microelectronic packaging.
  • Seek broad-based and diverse input and contributions from the rapidly changing field of microelectronics and microelectronic packaging and its customers-the immediate users of our materials and methods.
  • Continuously and consistently define the purposes and value of IMAPS membership and program participation.

Strategic Focus

  • Identify and serve all who we intend to attract and represent through the Foundation. We provide leadership in defining, tracking and communicating the uniqueness and potential of microelectronics and microelectronic packaging companies and free agents/consultants. In order to serve the needs of this sector and build Foundation Initiatives that match both the needs of the donor and the requirements of IMAPS and its Foundation, we will identify, seek out, and keep an accounting of our dialogue and transactions with everyone in this sector.

  • Develop brand equity. The new name for the Foundation and stronger brand reflects current and future expertise and expanded focus into all areas of the rapidly growing electronics industries. Through each of the primary functions of the Foundation-Fund Raising, Endowment Management, Program Creation and Management, Marketing and Industry Communications, the Foundation works on relevancy within both existing and new markets.

  • Build up relationships and endowments. The Foundation intends to build endowed funds to $2 million before funding any new scholarships, projects, or initiatives. Special projects, such as the Summit on Innovation and other events that make connections and award innovation, are self funded and designed to strengthen friendships and connections across all industries that depend on microelectronics in manufacturing, customer service or marketing.

  • Innovate around new business and markets. Through innovative projects and major research efforts funded by collaborations of corporate contributions and government grants, the Foundation establishes footprints in new markets and expand in nontraditional markets. This means we make the pie bigger for the whole industry and provide specific, customized advantages of information and access to other leaders, through Foundation projects. There is room at the Foundation table for everyone that commits to the Mission and Vision with competitive advantages going to those who come to the Foundation sooner and work in a "think tank" or innovative environment with the Foundation management team.

  • Thought leadership. As part of the Foundation's commitment to the future of microelectronics and microelectronic packaging and future generations of professionals, the Foundation's Think Tank brings together thought and resources around central issues affecting design, manufacturing, and positioning of microelectronics and microelectronic packaging as an integral part of the complete supply chain to the end users.